MBIT Personality Tests

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How Does MBIT Personality Tests Work?

If you want to better understand your business and the people who work with you, the MBIT personality test might make communication with your workers much easier.

Unlike other forms of personality testing, it gives its results based on how likely the person is to make a choice—or not make a choice. The best tests feature a question with the response options ranging from “Likely to do this” to “Not likely to do this.”

A computer gathers these responses and helps you figure out, among other things, whether you lean more to the extroverted side or the introverted side. When it is finished, you will be given a four-letter “label” such as INTJ or INFP; each of the sixteen personalities is summed up into these.

Some people are skeptical of the Myers and Briggs, or of any test that pretends to label exactly what a person is. However, much of the time the MBIT result is correct. People can use the results from their Myers Briggs test to strengthen their abilities and work out their weaknesses.

How would the test be useful in business? To keep it simple, it makes communication with different sorts of workers easier. If you can make a rough guess about the personality type of the person who works with you, or—better yet—convince her to take the test, it can prevent confusion and rows. The result would be an office where harmony would exist.

The test results are not to be used as an instruction book on how to interact with people, but it does help us to understand them and, perhaps more importantly, to understand ourselves.

After a while of studying the results of this test, you might find you can guess the person’s results within a few minutes. You become familiar with certain personality traits, and you can use that skill to earn their trust faster than otherwise. It’s a very useful tool.

The personality test is not only useful to keep harmony in the office, but it’s fun. People like finding out about themselves. Someone can do an online search of their test result for help on how to tackle a weakness—or simply to talk to others like them. It’s like finding a small family you didn’t know you had before.

If you want to create an environment of self-improvement in which workers can connect with ease, consider the personality test and see how it will get things running.